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ADD£ºShuangmiao Opening Zone,LuoShe Town,Wuxi,JiangSu
TEL:0510--83320818    83321818   83310178

      Wuxi Shuangli Electric Power Equipment Co.,Ltd. has many special & engineers,who are working efficiently to offer our customers the best products and services.
        Strong technology is the key element in keeping us ahead in a competitive market. To maintain the same quality standards as international technology,our design and manufacturing process are indentical to oversea and this is ensured through the continuous training we give to our staff ...

ADD£ºShuangmiao Opening Zone,LuoShe Town,Wuxi,JiangSu¡¡TEL£º0510-83320818   83321818  83310178 ¡¡FAX£º0510-83320818 ¡¡P.C.£º214187¡¡
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